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Reviews of Our Bus Service From NYC to DC

We know you have a choice in transportation when traveling from NYC to DC. There are a number of buses that offer this route. We strive to offer the best bus service by making sure our customers experience the best ride possible. We do this by utilizing new clean buses with power outlets, offering free WIFI and luggage assistance and hiring pleasant drivers. We are truly honored to be recognized as the "2013 Best of DC" by the Washington City Paper. Buy Bus Tickets from NYC to DC Online

We listen to our customers. Some of our online reviews are included below.

Convenient! - (The Washington Post),
5/5 stars

"...Convenient pickup locations in Washington DC and New York City, new buses, and helpful customer service ..."

Absolutely Beneficial to All - (The Yellow Pages),
5/5 stars

"...ticket arranging was also very easy and on the whole my household knowledgeable a lot visiting in bus. I would suggest this to any of my environment for I would like even them to encounter this. Many thanks to you individuals and holding out to discover more by getting up your solutions. My best desires to the crew!..."
Janeka Janine

Most Amazing Bus Service - (Citysearch),
5/5 stars

"...being an editor for a well known magazine is never an easy thing. It takes a lot from you as it demands quite a lot. Essentially, I am too dependent on my laptop for catering my work demands. I also keep travelling quite often to cover many stories for my magazine and often I find myself working while travelling as well. You know, editing, reviewing and stuff. Recently as I went to NY for covering an issue, I was too paranoid about how I was going to manage my work. These bus services from Washington to NY have always turned out to be unreliable much to my dissatisfaction. Fortunately this time around I was proven wrong. Washny's bus between NY and Washington turned out to be highly comprehensive. I experienced a wonderful journey without any issues and I was able to charge my laptop and continue with my work. The facilities in this bus services are truly amazing and up to mark. I strongly recommend this bus service if you ever wish to travel between NY and Washington..."
Alex A.

Washington DC - NY Deluxe Bus Service - (NYC Tourist Staff Member),
4/5 stars

"...Who wants to endure a 5 hour bus ride without internet? Well, when you travel on the Washington Deluxe Bus Service, you'll be able to surf the internet to your heart's content. Along with power outlets and free wifi, you'll enjoy a comfortable and clean bus. Though the internet can sometimes be a bit spotty throughout the long ride, the cheap bus tickets make Washington Deluxe Bus Service more than worth the risk...."
NYC Tourist Staff Member

Great Bus - (Yelp),
5/5 stars

"...just took the bus for the second time and would gladly take it again, it was clean and pretty fast. The tickets are pretty cheap and outlets that work in every row. Plus the bus stops at a rest stop to allow you to get food or a drink half way. Great bus much better than any other bus I have taken!..."
Jordan G.
San Antonio, TX
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